Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I bought a watch and I wandered into a leasing office on Peru st that I had emailed earlier in the day. They told me they had a room with a host family for me to look at. 
I live in that room now. It's pink and has a wonderful balcony. 
My "mom" is an
 theater performer named Anna and one of my housemates is
 a yoga instructor from New Mexico.

Before moving in I had my last night at the hostil, drank with my Pakistani friend, Nasser, and woke up at 10 the next morning to
 move. Nasser just got back from Antartica. 

At some point I went to Codigo Pais, a music-fashion-dj-art annual thing. I was supposed to meet up with friends there, but I spent the night alone. 

I celebrated Claudia's birthday in my roo
m on Gmail chat with her. I counted down to midnight, drank beers and blew out my lighter as a candle. It was fun.

I made an ashtray out of the bottom of a water bottle ten minutes ago, it just fell off the balcony.

School is fine. The rooms, those without windows, are boring. Just white walls and chalkboards. My literature class is all girls studying to become English teachers. I'm also taking a documentary class and a Spanish class. 

I went to my first birthday party, a girl named Julia from New York. There was a band and tango dancing at 5 am. 

I can't really remember much else, I've been to the park a few times. Went to my first club with my pal Flavio, it was just like a club in the states, lights and loud music. The music was a little better I guess, but you couldn't talk over it. 

I love my barrio, San Telmo, It's like funky and shit. 

I am having a great time. 

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