Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Thelonious Monkentina

I went to a jazz club and drank a white russian with a jazz drummer I met. Thelonious Club, a jazz club in Palermo, is in one of the nicer neighborhoods in Bs As. One of my new housemates is a german girl named Isabella, she also went. 

The band playing was from Bolivia, It was like Brazil 66' type music mixed with modern jazz. I drank another white russian, and took a bus home.

Their are about 50 Bus companies in Bs As. To attract your
 business, many are equiped with neon lights and shiney paint jobs and look like a disco inside. Others look old. But it doesn't really
 matter what they look like, because they all go to different places, and your going to take whatever one is going your way. I should have taken a picture. 

We took one that took us out of our way, the right street, but the wrong neighborhood. Furthermore we walked the wrong way at first. haha. For about 10 minutes. So we realized and walked back again through the spots with lots of prostitutes and possible drug deals. 

I'm going back to the club on Thursday to watch the drummer play with his band and take pictures so I can pitch the group as a topic for my documentary class.

I have a cell phone now, a friend gave it to me when she left the country, it only has a solar-powered charger. 

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