Saturday, March 7, 2009

Circle Jerks man in park nacho

So I came into my room in the afternoon and a roommate I don't know too well said, "don't fucking trust anyone around here that's for sure." Turns out he hung out with this guy sightseeing for four hours, got lunch with him, had a glass of wine and he last thing he rembers is waking up in the park. He was ruffied and robbed. apparently the guy who robbed seemed like a "chill dude." He must have been passed out in the park for like 5 hours cause it was around 7 when he returned.
Later that night I got in a cab to the way north side of town, almost 
in the suburbs, to see the circle jerks featuring the founding member of black flag, keith morris. 

I had toured with them in the past so I went in the hopes of getting into the show for free and hanging out with those guys. I explained to the door guys that I was friends of the band and I asked them to give a note to the band. They said they would. I passed an hour scoping out Argentine punk kids getting drunk on the side streets and saw Keith in the passenger side of a tour van. 

He pointed at me and said 'what the fuck' or something. As kids lined up near the stage door keith grabbed me and was like, "he's with me man" in his nasally 80's surf punk vioce. So I ate dinner for free and drank beer for free while watching the show from the side of the stage. There were about a 1000 kids there.

The band recently got free tattoes in Chile. Xander, the bass player of Weirdos' fame, got a tattoo of his own face on his shoulder. After showing me he dropped his arms and said, "man, that's so cool that your like going to school here, studying and shit, you've got your whole life ahead of you, and i've been doing this for 25 years and have nothing to show for it." I told him we were both in Buenos Aires just for different reasons.

They were all getting older of course. Keith had a little less hair on top. The drummer was going grey. Xander gained like 20 something pounds. Greg, the guitarist for black flag, looked exactly the same actually, 
but he's got a shaved head.

I decided to move into the crowd for a bit and be among the locals at my first concert in buenos aires. I watched a few songs and went out for a cigerette. This guy about my age noticed by backstage wristband and asked me if I could get him in somehow. I told him the wristband came "de mi suerte." and that it wasn't possible. We talked for a bit, introduced ourselves. His name is Ignacio but everyone calls him nacho. When I told him my name was Nicholas he called his friend over who is named Nicolas. We all had a beer across the street and they asked me to come play with their band at practice on tuesday night. 
Finally some musicians. They play garage/psysodellic music. I knew the microkorg would come in handy.

Still no host family. :(. I'm at the hostel for another week. Tommorow morning i'm going to a presbyterian church. DOMINGO!

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